We didn’t invent the wheel
        We just keep it turning!
The Patent Protected Folding Design, is Custom Engineered to be the Ultimate Recovery Board Set.
Designed to be Portable – Fits in Any Size Vehicle, Resilient – Conquers Any Terrain, and Versatile – Multifunctional in Vehicle Recovery Situations.
Traction Jack is Unmatched by Competitors.
        & Reliable
Traction Jack, established in 2009, was designed to solve one simple problem – having a traction device to get you unstuck that was easy to store and tough enough for any situation. They’re also useful as vehicle levelers (for parking with or without roof top tent), as a solid platform for a jack to change a tire, and to bridge over very small gaps/obstacles when folded in half.
Useful in multiple scenarios
Assembled in Texas
Easy to store
2 folding traction boards

Each Vehicle Recovery Kit includes two (2) folding traction boards. When folded they are half the size of other boards, making them easy to store, but when they are unfolded they are longer providing 20% more traction for maximum vehicle recovery!


If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you lose traction and get stuck it’s frustrating, it’s unnecessary, and it can become costly in many ways. Whether you drive a 4×4 off-road, live in a wintery climate, or drive a commercial vehicle in challenging terrain, Traction Jack is all you need to make your life easier


you need Traction Jack

The first multi-purpose, USA based, traction kit that is portable, cost effective, and reliable for virtually any situation
Useful in these  common situations around the world


Day at the beach
or hitting the dunes? 


Working on the farm
after a heavy rain?


Commuting to work?
Going skiing?
Traction Jack is for you!
How to get your car unstuck


Once you lose traction, stop and put the vehicle in PARK before making it worse.


Get out of your car and start putting a game plan together for getting unstuck.


Start digging/clearing a flat gradual path in front of the tire and underneath to get the Traction Jack (TJs) as far under the tire as possible


Once you clear a flat, gradual path (DON’T DIG DOWN), lay the Traction Jacks as far under each tire as possible so it has good contact.


Once they’re properly placed, put the vehicle in a low gear if possible and slowly drive out. The TJ should slide into the hole as the vehicle is freed.


Once you get momentum DON’T STOP or you may get stuck again. If you get stuck again repeat steps 1-4.


testimonial-team (Demo)
Sheriff Deputy
Northern California

These Traction Jacks are the best things since sliced bread! We were working parking for the yearly Bull Sale at the County Fairgrounds and it was miserable and rainy so the entire parking area (that is normally just grass parking) turned into one huge mud pit. We had everything; cars, trucks, motor homes, trucks pulling livestock trailers, and even these big 4×4 trucks that were sunk into the mud and stuck. We had never even heard of these Traction Jacks, but a guy who had won a set of them in a raffle somewhere offered to let us try them as he had never even had a chance to try them yet either. Well in the two days….

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Adam Sourisseau

When fun in the mud turns into stuck in the mud! Had to leave the ram overnight on NYE. I was able to get out the next day thanks to some help from the homies @alexelefante90  @maxwaldroff  and @j_ags_ with his dope #tractionjack

#4×4 #offroad #dodge #ram #mudding


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Joe Dickson

I was traveling south on I75 two days before Christmas, headed to Illinois for the holiday. It was very treacherous because it had been snowing hard all morning and there was no evidence that a snow plow had hit the interstate yet.  About a mile north of Bluffton, Ohio I noticed a white minivan in the ditch. I pulled over to the side and grabbed my traction jack pads that I had packed because I thought if anything I would have to use them on myself. Once I got to the van I realized they were in a pretty rough situation, the van was sitting about six feet lower than the highway and the family…

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Ray Whetstine

Well I got my work truck stuck and I just happen to have my #tractionjack with because I figured I might need them that day. What a great product.

#tractionjack #stuck #worktruck#dodgetruck #4500


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Jeremy Evans

Good afternoon!

I’ve been testing the set of tracks we picked up extensively over here in the snow and even recovered an EarthCruiser awhile back with them. Have you made any headway with local departments on interest in them? Would be glad to demo them for the forest service, state pd, etc.

After using them for awhile I’m thoroughly impressed, I’ve definitely abused them well, WELL beyond their intended purpose and they’ve held up extremely well with only one non-structural crack so far.

Paul Hardy

Finally got myself stuck enough to bring out the Traction Jacks.

Took WAY more time getting stuck than it took to get un-stuck.

#kindamudding #tractionjack #toyota#4runner #4runnermafia

#4runnernation #keepitwild


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Pedram Bastan
Patterson, California

As a 4 wheeler, having the right gear is essential. Getting stuck sucks. Getting home is priceless. I have used Traction Jack since 2014. In fact I was the first guy who bought the first set. I was really sold on the Maxtrax; and I don’t have a money tree at home. So I was really skeptical about purchasing something new to the market.

What sold me on these was the folding feature. And they looked really strong. So I jumped on it when I saw the price. Never regretted it. To this day….

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Mr Tibbs

Anyone tried these out as an alternative to Maxtrax? I like the fact that they are fold able and easier to store away. Anyone have any experience with these??



When it comes to gear for the off road enthusiast, many people opt for bigger tires, new metal bumpers, lockers and roof racks.  After these individuals spend hours waiting for a buddy with a tow rope or a winch to come extract them from inevitably getting stuck, they decide that recovery gear may be necessary!


Jonathan Hanson
Exploring Overland

When it comes to gear for the off road enthusiast, many people opt for bigger tires, new metal bumpers, lockers and roof racks.  After these individuals spend hours waiting for a buddy with a tow rope or a winch to come extract them from inevitably getting stuck, they decide that recovery gear may be necessary!


Team 4 Runner

Being that we as 4Runner drivers 4Wheel every chance we can get, we don’t want to have something that stops us from continuing down the trail. Our team is always on the look out for tools and gear to help our 4Wheeling adventures go more smoothly. This review is on our new Traction Jack Kit


Matt Emery
Four Weeler Network

Traction Jack: These boards are ideal for those planning on storing them inside their vehicle. The folding feature does not seem to hinder performance and…


Overland Bound

My Traction Jacks showed up today… Happy to be a part of the Traction Jack family! If you are looking for a set of recovery mats….


Morris 4x4 Center

Everybody gets stuck now and then. No matter how big your tires are, or how much horsepower you’re running, with the right kind of water, mud, or loose sand, you can get your rig in a tight spot in seconds.


The Ultimate Adventure Bundle

The Ultimate Adventure Bundle Kit comes complete with the Traction Jack Folding Shovel, and Carrying Bag.


May inspire an unforgettable journey on the road less traveled.

Designed for Efficiency
Traction Jack was designed to get you unstuck. The recovery boards store out of the way in your vehicle and extend to 52 in. of traction when you get stuck. You can use them for a bunch of different applications as well since they are flat; such as leveling blocks, jack base, and more!
Product Design
We started from scratch when designing the Traction Jacks. It
took 5 years, 6 prototypes, and 3 different manufacturing
materials to get where we are today. Traction Jack was born in
Texas and to this day is proudly assembled in Texas! We are
confident in our production model which sells in 4x4 specialty
shops, dealerships, and online around the world today.
Product Specs
Traction Jack Recovery Kit
(Set of 2 recovery boards)
>> Weight of complete Kit: 28 lbs. (Each Traction Jack is 12.6 lbs.)
>> Folded size: 26 in long x 12 in wide x 2 in tall
>> Unfolded size: 52 in long x 12 in wide x 1 in tall
>> Material: Proprietary poly-composite blend
>> Hinging Pins: Galvanized Steel Rod
>> Kit includes: 2 folding Traction Jacks, Leash Ropes, Instructions, FREE replacement warranty
>> Assembled in Texas

Traction Jacks when folded easily store in virtually any vehicle, and unfolded they are the longest recovery boards on the market when opened to their full length


After coming out of the press,each Traction Jack is hand assembled, packaged, and prepped in our warehouse in beautiful El Paso, Texas


We are the only company that truly offers a free replacement warranty. This means that if you accidentally crack, wear down, or otherwise harm your Traction Jacks we will replace 2 of the 4 boards free of charge for you; simply unhinge, swap, and re-secure!


Not only are the kits made for vehicle recovery/traction,but you can use them as a solid jack surface to change a tire in soft terrain; you can use them as leveling blocks to park on at the campsite(especially with a rooftop tent); you can use them to bridge small gaps when they’re folded closed; and you can use them as a trailer/RV jack base in soft terrain. You can use them to bridge small gaps when they’re folded closed, and you can use them as a trailer/RV jack base in soft terrain.


We’re always working on bringing you the latest and greatest content to keep you up to date on what’s going on with Traction Jack, new and exciting trails, amazing stories, PLUS off-roading tricks to keep you to keep you safe and always in the know.