TRACTION JACK Traction Jacks are a first in class, foldable, and practical off-road vehicle recovery board solution that we
custom engineered to get your vehicle (regardless if it’s a 4x4, Truck, Jeep, ATV or Compact Car) unstuck
when traction is lost in snow, sand, mud, dirt and sludge.

Traction Jack, LLC, which is headquartered in El Paso, Texas, manufactures foldable traction boards to get your vehicle unstuck. Our traction recovery device is the only one in the market that is foldable, making it the FIRST easy to store off-roading accessory of its kind. We started the company in the summer of 2009 with one goal in mind: create unique traction boards/sand ladders that are:

  • Resilient – Strong enough to withstand multiple terrains
  • Easy to Store – Designed to fit in vehicles of all sizes
  • Safe – From 4×4 enthusiasts to cross-country explorers, it’s safe and easy to use for everyone

After 5 long years of research, development, and 6 prototyped designs later, we finally created what is known today as the Traction Jack Recovery Kits – foldable recovery track / sand ladder great for use in sand, snow, dirt, sludge and mud.

Recovery product
Trying to name
makeshift device
First prototype
Product testing
(It worked)
Name: Traction
Jack was born
Patent app approved for
clunky metal design
Tested continued & design
changed a 4th time
Traction Jack banding
& logo designed
Company recived critical
investment to proced
Production mold completed
for final design
Complete production units
finished; 1st order
After 1 yerar or steady
sales, 1st SEMA Show debut!
1st sale to Department of
Homeland Security
Traction Jack enters
comercial market
Product Testing Hours
Off-Road Adventures
Happy Customers
Office Happy Hours
Loyal Friends & Followers
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Our Warranty

When investing in a Traction Jack Recovery Kit, not only are you investing in a capable recovery device but you are also investing in quality traction boards that were designed with one purpose – to keep you unstuck and on the go. Regardless if you are out camping, hitting the beach, off-roading or engaging in 4×4 driving, or just driving around in unpredictable weather/road conditions we want you to be prepared; yes Louisiana we’re looking at you with all that rain and mud and don’t think we forgot about you Oregon, with all that heavy snow fall. We designed Traction Jack with you in mind. That is why we are the only company to offer a FREE replacement warranty even if the damage to your boards is your fault. Check out the warranty comparison chart with our competition; “Does Lifetime Warranty Really Mean Lifetime Warranty?” to see how we leave the competition in the dust.

manufacture defects
If you receive the boards with any snapped off traction spikes, missing hardware, or deficiencies, we will guarantee that immediately.
Also, feel free to reach out if you lose your acorn nuts so we can replace those for you! No other recovery gear company cares and has your back like Traction Jack.
Wheel Spin
Most comparable recovery boards say “NO WHEEL SPIN” as do ours. But accidents happen, and unfortunately our kits aren’t indestructible. There may be a time where you may melt off the nubs. No worries, you're covered with a 1 year FREE replacement warranty, even if the damage is your fault. Ask our competitors to do that for you.
user error
Did you mis-position the Traction Jacks on a rock and they snapped? Did you accidently crack them under the weight of a recovery? Maybe you cracked them when trying to bridge or jack up your vehicle. Don’t worry, the 1 year FREE replacement warranty covers these accidents too. That’s the beauty of having detachable boards!
Lost Product
Lets say you forget to attach your leash ropes and end up losing the Traction Jacks to deep sand, snow, or mud. DON'T sweat it. Although we won’t cover a free replacement, we will prorate your replacements depending if you lost one or both of the boards. Let’s be honest, it would be quite awkward to have only one traction board.
Do you have a constant urge to push the limits and go on the path less traveled?
Join The Traction Jack
Recovery Team
Our team of partners has grown as Traction Jack has expanded and developed over the years.
We are based in El Paso, Texas and our partners are from all over the world.
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