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Traction Jack is the First in Class, Foldable, Resilient Off-Road Vehicle Recovery Device. The Patented Design is Custom Engineered to get your vehicle (regardless if it’s a 4×4, Truck, Jeep, ATV or Compact Car) unstuck when wheel traction is lost in snow, sand, mud, dirt and sludge. (Awarded Top 10 best new products of SEMA 2015).  

Basically Traction Jack recovery boards are traction aids which are also knows as Sand Ladder/Traction Tracks/Recovery Boards/Bridging Ladders/Bog Mats/ whatever you’d like to call them. They are utilized when your vehicles tires/wheels have lost traction in slippery surfaces, or in soft/tough terrain. Traction Jack recovery boards provides the vehicle tires grip and traction to achieve forward momentum, to get unstuck from the most demanding and frustrating situations out on the road.

We do! Our proprietary Gila™ resin comes from Rockford, Michigan and we work with our partner plant 15 minutes away in Juarez, Mexico to mold the recovery boards. After coming out of the press, each Traction Jack is hand assembled, packaged, and prepped by American Labor in our HQ warehouse in beautiful El Paso, Texas.

Traction Jack is the ultimate vehicle accessory for your 4WD, ATV, UTV, compact car, coupe, SUV, truck, or commercial work equipment. We’ve used them on vehicles weighing upwards of 35,000 lbs. in soft terrain. Remember every set come with a When We Say Lifetime We Mean It Warranty.


Traction Jack recovery boards work in Sand, Snow, Mud, Dirt, Sludge and Gravel. That means that it’s your ultimate beach accessory, 4×4 recovery, road trip must have, and camping essential EVER MADE!

The standard recovery device kit comes with a set of two (2) foldable recovery boards which is usually more than standard for most. However if you need ultimate traction, for maximum vehicle recovery, then you should carry four (4) Traction Jack recovery boards. They can be linked together for a longer traction area or placed in front of all four (4) tires

  • Weight of Complete Kit: 28 lbs.
  • Individual Traction Jack Recovery Boards: 12.6 lbs.
  • Folded Size: 26 in long x 12 in wide x 2 in tall
  • Unfolded Size: 52 in long x 12 in wide x 1 in tall
  • Material: Proprietary poly-composite blend
  • Hinging Pins: Galvanized Steel Rod
  • Kit includes: 2 folding Traction Jacks recovery boards, Leash Ropes, Instructions, FREE replacement warranty

No. We designed the nubs to be effective when used right and they melt right off if the tire is spun. We know various tires are costing up to $400 in this market place so the last thing you want is for them to be damaged and stuck.


So far, the ultimate situation we have used to test the Traction Jack recovery boards, is to successfully get a Dump Truck that was filled with cement unstuck from soft sand. We estimate them to be able to handle at least a 35,000 gross weighted vehicle, and about 5,800 lbs of pressure per tire. That said, can they break? Yes, especially if you use them incorrectly, make sure to read the instructions of use here. Our free replacement warranty covers these type of incidents, click here if you need to file a claim.

Have you used your Traction Jack recovery device set in an amazing situation that showcased it’s strength and durability? We would love to hear your story, submit here.

Gross Weighted Vehicle
Pressure Per Tire

Yes. They can be used with any 4×4 accessories such as: hi-lift jack, winch, recovery straps, and ground anchor. Using more than one piece of equipment may be necessary in some situations.

YES! They are not just your basic recovery boards. You can used them as a jack base, you can use them as leveling blocks for your vehicle on soft terrain before setting up your roof top tent; they can also be used as a base for a trailer jack. Lastly, they’ve found many quirky uses around home DIY projects, foot rests for tail gating and much more!

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Was Any Hinge Hardware Damaged? Please Select All Items That Need Replacement

1 Acorn Nut2 Acorn Nuts3 Acorn Nuts4 Acorn Nuts1 Metal Rod2 Metal Rods

I understand that I am using my 1-time free replacement warranty. Should I have any future issues with the product I am aware that Traction Jack, LLC sells single replacement boards and hardware. I also understand that I am responsible for the return shipping of the broken boards.I have read the "Warranty Disclaimer" and agree with it

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Traction Jack was designed to be foldable so that they easily store in virtually any vehicle, and yet they are the LONGEST recovery boards on the market when opened to their full length


Always be prepared. Whether you love to 4×4 off-road, you’re planning a road trip, maybe live in a wintery-snowy climate, or drive a commercial vehicle in challenging terrain. Traction Jack makes life easy.


After coming out of the press, each Traction Jack recovery device kit is hand assembled, packaged, and prepped by American labor in our warehouse in beautiful El Paso, Texas.


The patent protected design allows them to be completely flat, they can be used as a solid jack surface to change a tire in soft terrain, as leveling blocks to park on, and when folded used to bridge small gaps.

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We are the only company that truly offers a free replacement warranty. We
replace 2 of the 4 boards free of charge for you; simply unhinge, swap, and re-secure!


Designed to solve one simple problem – having a recovery device to get you unstuck that was easy to store and tough enough for any situation in snow, sand or mud. If you carry a tire jack you need Traction Jack.

Traction Jack was designed to get you unstuck. The first foldable recovery boards that store out of the way in your vehicle and extend to 52 in.(longer than the competition) of traction when you get stuck. You can use them for a bunch of different applications as well since they are flat; such as leveling blocks, jack base, and more!.

After 5 years of research and development through 6 different models, we finally arrived at the production-ready model. Traction Jack is engineered with our Gila Monster™ resin to perform in the most demanding of situations. Each recovery kit is hand-assembled in Texas and packaged with care ready to begin a new on or off the road journey with you and your vehicle. Have a look at our “features” diagrams to get a better idea of the product.

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