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All Traction Jack customers are entitled to our 1-year, 1-time free replacement. Each Traction Jack Recovery Kit includes (2) two Foldable Traction Ramps. Each Traction Ramp is comprised of  2 (two) Recovery Boards, 2 (two) Acorn Nuts, and 1 (one) Metal Rod. The warranty covers: 2 (two) out of the 4 (four) Recovery Boards, 4 (four) out of the 4 (four) Acorn Nuts, and 2 (two) out of the 2 (two) Metal Rods. To file a warranty claim, please complete the form below. During the process you will be asked to provide the proof of purchase date, verifying it’s within the year. Once your claim has been processed and accepted, you will be required to ship back the broken parts in order to be shipped your FREE replacement parts. Please allow 14 -21 days for the replacement part to arrive. For any other questions please contact our warranty claims department.


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I understand that I am using my 1-time free replacement warranty. Should I have any future issues with the product I am aware that Traction Jack, LLC sells single replacement boards and hardware. I also understand that I am responsible for the return shipping of the broken boards.I have read the "Warranty Disclaimer" and agree with it

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Traction Jack is the only 4x4 recovery boards company to offer a FREE replacement warranty even if the damage to your boards is your fault.