Folding Shovel w/ Pickaxe & Pouch | Traction Jack

Folding Shovel w/ Pickaxe & Pouch | Traction Jack


Our Traction Jack folding shovel is made of high quality, powder-coated steel to assist with any recovery. This is a must have accessory because without it digging becomes a messy nightmare. Use along with your Traction Jack set to get unstuck quickly or as an accessory for the campsite chores

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4X4 Recovery Fold-Up Shovel provides reliable durability and practicality due to its multifunction. Its tempered steel blade with a serrated saw edge in one can be used for cutting and slashing through roots, tumbleweeds, debris, or anything that gets in your way. The blade can be rotated 90°to pick or to be used as a pick axe to break through snow or any obstacle that you encounter while digging around your tires before you use your Traction Jack Recovery Boards to get unstuck. When folded, it takes up about the same space as a stack of paper plates.

Included: 1 folding shovel with attached pickaxe unit and a carrying pouch that has a convenient belt loop to keep your hands free during use and prevent losing it.

Use the shovel in a variety of situations to compliment your Traction Jack Vehicle Recovery Kit.

  • Assist in removing debris away from tires to get unstuck fast and safely
  • Quickly dig through sand, snow, mud, and ice
  • Useful for digging around the campsite
  • Use with your Traction Jack recovery boards for an efficient recovery
Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 55.8 × 17.78 × 7.68 in


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