Replacement Leashes (Set of 4)| Traction Jack

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Replacement Leashes (Set of 4)| Traction Jack


We include 2 leash ropes in each kit to ensure you can get your Traction Jack boards out of the ground if they get buried after a recovery. Sometimes it is difficult to pull them out of the ground and if you forget to attach the rope, you may lose them! If you wear out your leash ropes this is the quick and easy replacement solution.

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The Traction Jack leash ropes can be used with the Traction Jack recovery boards to quickly get them out of the ground. If your vehicle is in an extreme situation, you can tie the recovery boards to the vehicle so that once traction is obtained you don’t have to stop right away to get the boards as they can withstand being dragged behind the vehicle until it is safe to stop. You can also use them to link multiple traction boards  together. Use the leash ropes in a variety of situations to compliment your Traction Jack recovery boards kit.

Included: 4 standard leash ropes to replace the initial included leash ropes.

  • Quickly pull your Traction Jacks from the ground
  • Useful to link multiple traction boards together
  • Use with your Traction Jack recovery boards for an efficient recovery
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