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Are you a 4X4 Enthusiast? Do you get an adrenaline rush just at the thoughts of exploring the desert? Are you always up for venturing into unknown terrain? Do you have a constant urge to push the limits and go on the path less traveled? Are you usually the one that your friends call when they are stuck in a sand dune? Do you have an extensive knowledge of all things trucks, 4X4, off-roading, and love to know the latest and greatest before anyone else?

IF you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then you are a perfect candidate to be a member of the Traction Jack Recovery Team. Fill out the membership application at the bottom of this page.

Outdoor Enthusiast
Thrill Seeker

Exclusive Benefits

01. Premium Contest & Prizes

  • You will have access to our exclusive contests/prizes as a member of our recovery team
  • Recovery Team members will receive a vehicle badge/patch denoting their member number
  • Exclusive apparel available at a heavily discounted price (shirts, patches, bags, etc.)
  • Possible chance to get a badge as a guest to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV

02. Custom Member Referral Code

  • You will receive a unique referral code that corresponds to your member number
  • When friends and family use your member number to purchase on our site, you get cash back!
  • Members who generate at least 6 sales every six months with their member number will get a gift from us twice a year as a token of our appreciation.

03. Traction Jack Decal

  • We will send you a set of special “Traction Jack Recovery Team” decal to hand out when you do recoveries, and to give to your friends; these are fan favorites to represent Traction Jack!
  • The decals are made with paint safe adhesive so that you can stick them on your window or directly on the side of the vehicle.
  • *BONUS* If you choose, we will pay for and print “Traction Jack Recovery Team” side decals that you can stick across the side of your rig. This will show people that you are part of the team and represent our recovery brand. We will need vehicle make and model for specific measurements.
Meet our recovery team members

We’d like you to have a first-hand account with the experiences of some of our most loyal Recovery Team members. They’ve earned their spot by using their recovery kit for more than 2 years and also regularly sharing their experiences. From 4×4 recoveries in the mountains to using the kits in everyday situations, these are the people who know best.

Ruston S. – Nevada
Ruston is the owner of Overlanding USA. His Traction Jack set is going on 3 years old which he has used in countless situations for traction and bridging.
Vincent R. – Virginia
“Vinny” has been a long time Traction Jack supporter and was one of our first customers. He is the inventor of the Traction Jack designer bag.
Pedram B. – Cali
Pedram was Traction Jack, LLC’s very first customer. He now has 3 complete Traction Jack sets that he uses off-road, camping, and for other fun uses in his daily adventures.
Anthony S. – Texas
Anthony drives a 2 door Wrangler and mainly off roads in the desert. He’s used his personal Traction Jack Recovery set to rescue dozens of vehicles on weekends.
Membership Application

Areas of interests

Rock CrawlingMuddingTrailingBajaOverlanding

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