Sheriff County Testimonial (Northern California)


hese Traction Jacks are the best things since sliced bread! We were working parking for the yearly Bull Sale at the County Fairgrounds and it was miserable and rainy so the entire parking area (that is normally just grass parking) turned into one huge mud pit. We had everything; cars, trucks, motor homes, trucks pulling livestock trailers, and even these big 4×4 trucks that were sunk into the mud and stuck. We had never even heard of these Traction Jacks, but a guy who had won a set of them in a raffle somewhere offered to let us try them as he had never even had a chance to try them yet either. Well, in the two days we ended up getting 150-200 people out of the mud and after asking one person that had called a tow truck before we had got these what that cost ($125 a pop just to pull the vehicles ahead to get on solid ground) we were guessing we saved the people who had traveled from other counties and even other states just to attend $20,000+ in towing fees!

Imagine these poor people going to the fairgrounds who would have come out only to have to pay another $125 just to get their cars out…that would have been a nightmare! We would get vehicles buried super deep and we were using both tracks on them and pushing them out no problem, but after seeing just how amazingly they were working we ended up splitting up the set and putting one on each ATV, as we were running around non-stop, and a huge portion of the cars we were able to get out easily just using one of the tracks. I got well over 30 vehicles out myself alone as I would just pull up, slide the track under a drive wheel, tell the people to go and if necessary I would push on the vehicle to give it a nudge and out it came!

Most I never had to even touch the car as once the tire hit the first row of nipples on the track the tire stopped spinning and the car just drove right out like it was on dry ground which was a major plus since all these new cars have so much plastic and thin metal that there was really nowhere to push on them anyway without risking damage. With all the people just flooring the gas (spinning like crazy until it hit the nipples on the track and then it would grab instantly and they would drive right out) we had thought surely the nipples would have been worn down by the time we were done, but they were good as new even after using them on that many vehicles! The bright colors made it nice as they were easier to see after being packed down and covered in mud and one thing that I hadn’t considered originally, but ended up being a savior was the ropes attached being floating rope!

We would in some sections be knee deep in water, shove the track down wedging it against the tire, they would spin, grip, and drive out and all that was left was the water so thick with mud that you couldn’t see a thing…then a second later here came the rope floating to the surface so we could grab it, yank, and it was out and loaded back on the ATV without ever having to get more than one hand wet! Another great feature that kept us from having to go arms deep in the water to retrieve them!

Needless to say that when I got home I went online to try and find where to buy these. I ran across a whole list of different types from ones that roll up to other hinged kinds that had smaller sections, but after watching the way the cars drove out of those ruts they had spun into the mud, none of those other kinds would have worked. These, with the length they are, worked perfect allowing the tire to bite on the first section angling it up out of the rut (that panicked people tend to spin pretty deep!) and then transitioning to the second section that ran it even to ground level allowing the car a straight run to drive out. On cars with the rocker panels only a few inches off the ground to big old 4×4 trucks way off the ground, tire treads ranging from aggressive off road type to smooth street tires, to worn out balding tires, it made no difference…The Traction Jack worked great on all on them!

In two days

out of the mud…

is awesome