Joe Dickson – Saves Family On Christmas


was traveling south on I75 two days before Christmas, headed to Illinois for the holiday. It was very treacherous because it had been snowing hard all morning and there was no evidence that a snow plow had hit the interstate yet.  About a mile north of Bluffton, Ohio I noticed a white minivan in the ditch. I pulled over to the side and grabbed my traction jack pads that I had packed because I thought if anything I would have to use them on myself. Once I got to the van I realized they were in a pretty rough situation, the van was sitting about six feet lower than the highway and the family had narrowly missed a large interstate sign when they ran off the highway. Because of the nature of the situation other retrieval tools would have added more danger to the scenario with heavy traffic on the highway and still very heavy snow. Even if I would have had my Jeep with me I still would have relied on my retrieval pads. It took about forty minutes but with the traction jack pads and the help of a few others who stopped we were able to get the family back on the road and most importantly they made it safely to their destination for Christmas! I am very thankful I was able to help others with those pads.

Very thankful for my Christmas present from a few years ago! Got to help out some folks out of a ditch on Saturday because of my #tractionjack pads.

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the family back
on the road

& made it in time for Christmas!

is awesome